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The automotive sector remains a major driver of the US economy, encompassing commercial and personal vehicle manufacturers along with tens of thousands of component suppliers, dealers, parts distributors and retailers. FGMK has the knowledge to steer your automotive business to success.

FGMK’s industry-focused approach enables us to identify and respond to key performance and business issues without delay. Our experienced professionals lead proactive teams providing practical business solutions. Our broad experience allows our team to hit the ground running with focused and high-impact work that shortens the time to achieve measurable improvement.

FGMK provides services to large and middle-market companies in the automotive sector including component supplies, dealers and parts distributors. We support them through:

STRATEGIC AND OPERATIONAL CONSULTING. We perform competitive and benchmark assessments, review operational and plant efficiencies, and identify, design and implement profit improvement plans that address today’s challenges.

ACQUISITION AND DIVESTITURE DUE DILIGENCE. We establish criteria for a competitive and strategic business combination transaction, allowing our clients to select and negotiate the best transaction.

TURNAROUND AND RESTRUCTURING SERVICES. We address the necessary changes in cash and liquidity management, debt finance or insolvency to help our clients emerge as viable, competitive participants in the industry.

Christopher A. Shoup


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FGMK has the knowledge to steer your automotive business to success.

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