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Retail and Consumer Products

Today’s retail and consumer products environment can prove to be challenging even for the most seasoned and skilled entrepreneur. FGMK has the knowledge and ability to analyze your business and develop individualized plans to help you succeed.

FGMK provides seasoned professionals who understand your industry issues and your business environment, and we partner with you every step of the way. FGMK can assist you with:

  • Assisting in setting up online sales capabilities
  • Enhancing employee cost management by providing guidance for improved compensation plans
  • Increasing profitability through proper inventory management
  • Providing technology consulting for everything from IT strategy to cybersecurity
  • Understanding and managing costs as a proportion of revenues

FGMK provides services to large and middle-market participants in the retail and consumer products industry. We support them through:

STRATEGIC AND OPERATIONAL CONSULTING. We perform competitive and benchmark assessments, review operational and plant efficiencies, and identify, design and implement profit improvement plans that address today’s challenges.

ACQUISITION AND DIVESTITURE DUE DILIGENCE. We establish criteria for competitive and strategic business combinations, allowing our clients to select and negotiate the best transaction.

TURNAROUND AND RESTRUCTURING SERVICES. We address the necessary changes in cash and liquidity management, debt finance or insolvency to help our clients emerge as viable, competitive participants in the industry.

Elan Y. Moustakis


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We partner with you every step of the way.

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