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Illinois EDGE Tax Credit Program

The Illinois Economic Development for a Growing Economy (“EDGE”) tax credit program provides annual income tax credits to qualifying businesses that support job growth, capital investment, and improve the standard of living for Illinois residents. Many Illinois businesses fail to recognize the availability of this benefit when planning for expansion in Illinois, including the location or expansion of a headquarters for a company engaged in an otherwise non-qualified commerce activity. FGMK proactively identifies Illinois EDGE tax credit opportunities for its clients and works diligently to secure agreements with the State in order to deliver tax savings to its clients who commit to growing the Illinois economy.

FGMK specialists use their extensive knowledge of the Illinois EDGE tax program to guide clients through the application process and to secure incentive agreements. We recognize the importance of providing value while minimizing the impact on your company’s daily operations.

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FGMK specialists use their extensive knowledge of the Illinois EDGE tax credit program to identify opportunities and deliver tax savings for their clients.

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FGMK analyzes your company’s expansion plans to identify and negotiate state tax incentives.

Credit Value*

  • 50% of the income tax withholdings of new jobs created in Illinois
  • Credit percentage increases to 75% if business expansion occurs in a qualified “underserved area” census tract
  • Credits also available as reimbursement for qualifying training costs
  • Credits are processed on an annual basis for up to 10 years

Commitment to Illinois Requirements

  • 100 or fewer world-wide employees
    • Create lesser of 50 new full-time jobs or 5% of world-wide employment
    • No capital investment requirement
  • More than 100 world-wide employees
    • Create lesser of 50 new full-time jobs or 10% of world-wide employment
    • Capital investment of $2.5M

* While a significant portion of the credit value is generated based on payroll tax withholding obligations, the credit amount is applicable against Illinois income tax.


FGMK monitors clients’ expansion plans and identifies incentive opportunities that clients need to secure prior to finalizing expansion plans in the State of Illinois.

  • Building of a new facility
  • Expansion of current facility
  • Job growth requiring a move to a new location

Critical Element: Negotiate and secure agreement with the State before signing contract or lease and before public announcement of expansion in Illinois.


As part of its initial scoping exercise, FGMK analyzes the client’s business to determine whether the taxpayer presents as a strategic partner that aligns with the goals of the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity. A “taxpayer” means an individual, corporation, partnership, or other entity that has any Illinois income tax liability.

Qualified applicants may include those engaged in interstate or intrastate commerce for the following purposes:

  • Assembling
  • Agricultural Processing
  • Distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Office Industries
  • Processing
  • Research & Development
  • Tourism Services
  • Warehousing

Although retail, retail food, health, and professional services constitute commerce activities that are not qualified, headquarter location, or expansion in Illinois by taxpayers engaged in these commerce activities may qualify for the EDGE tax credit.

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