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m&a advisors

Mergers and Acquisitions

FGMK’s approach to financial due diligence is structured to help you identify key value drivers and integration matters while evaluating areas of concern and risk.

Financial statement fundamentals, including the quality of earnings, are the beginning of the process. We also analyze key business and operational trends to help you better understand the performance of the business and provide detailed answers to complicated questions.

Assessing financial assumptions, quantifying risks and opportunities, and translating financial information into decision-enabling intelligence are the cornerstones of our due diligence process.

ACTIVE PARTNER INVOLVEMENT. Experienced professionals lead each engagement and ensure the execution of a well-planned due diligence process. Teams are assembled based on your unique situation and deployed at a moment’s notice. Our teams include tax and other specialists who are uniquely focused on middle market deals.

RELATIONSHIP DRIVEN. We approach each engagement as a unique transaction and develop a customized scope of services, targeted to your specific needs. FGMK’s M&A advisory services are scalable for domestic and international assignments.

Joseph C. Ashby


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Our M&A Services include the following:

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  • Assess quality of earnings
  • Identify and address issues upfront
  • Provide ongoing support to management
  • Team with investment bank, attorneys and other advisors
  • Validate management adjustments
  • Working with sellers to prepare the company for sale and provide information to buyers, sell-side due diligence helps to:
    • Increase certainty to close
    • Increase enterprise value
    • Increase speed to close


  • Analyze working capital
  • Assess quality of earnings
  • Evaluate purchase price adjustments
  • Information technology due diligence
  • Quantify risks, opportunities and integration matters
  • Review tax, compensation and benefits, controls and risk
  • Working with private equity and corporate buyers to robustly analyze and assess the target’s business, company management, income statement and balance sheet, we advise our clients and support the transaction process

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