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estate planning

Private Client Services

FGMK’s team of financial planning and tax specialists advises families, individuals, and entrepreneurs on income tax and estate planning. When you engage FGMK, you gain access to a highly skilled team who focus on your needs.

FGMK specialists use their extensive knowledge of the federal and state laws and their application to focus on your needs. We recognize the importance of providing value while minimizing the impact on your company’s daily operations.


It is critical that families, individuals, and entrepreneurs engage a firm with the resources to manage an ever-changing reporting environment. The underlying goal of our practice is to ensure that your federal, state, and international tax filings are compliant with current tax laws. As you enter into increasingly complex transactions and investments, their reporting and filing needs expand accordingly.


FGMK assists executives with respect to stock option plans as well as planning, and connection with the tax consequences of various compensation and stock option triggering events.


While income tax planning is critical, it can pale in comparison with the consequences of a poorly-devised estate plan. Proper estate tax planning can reduce the tax burden associated with passing on appreciated assets to another generation. FGMK works with your estate counsel and other advisors to ensure that your estate plan is current and maximizes the use of available planning strategies while fulfilling your wishes as to your succession plan.


Income tax and estate tax planning often entail the transfer of private company stock, partnership interests, or other assets requiring a valuation. FGMK’s valuation experts regularly prepare valuations meeting applicable tax requirements.


The passage and enactment of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (the “Act”) in December 2017 provided sweeping changes in virtually all areas of the federal tax code. Our clients were impacted individually, in their businesses and from estate, gift and trust standpoints. FGMK provides proactive planning and compliance services in accordance with the provisions of the Act.

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We recognize the importance of providing value while minimizing the impact on your company’s daily operations.

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