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investment fund management

Fund Administration

FGMK’s Fund Administration Practice provides accounting, administration and reporting services. Our wide array of deliverables includes investor statements, fund-level reporting, sector based schedules, daily NAV distribution and daily risk analysis. FGMK Fund Administration provides clean and customizable options for fund managers to communicate their results and commentary to their investors on a regular and timely basis. Working together allows you to perform at your best without needing to burden yourself with the necessary back-office functions.

FGMK Fund Administration provides services to entities of all types, including:

  • CTAs/CPOs
  • Private equity and venture capital funds
  • Public and private alternative investment partnerships and LLCs

Allen D. Goodman


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Working together allows you to perform at your best without needing to burden yourself with the necessary back-office functions.

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At the heart of every accounting engagement are both the accuracy and the presentation of the numbers. FGMK’s Fund Administration was formed with the idea that while accuracy is always an absolute requirement, presentation is also critical to convey clearly the fund’s activity and its consequence. We generate the following:

  • Audit schedules
  • Management fee calculations
  • Net asset value calculations (daily/weekly/ monthly/quarterly)
  • Net capital computations
  • Performance fee calculations
  • Tax allocations


We recognize that as your fund grows in size, so does the time and complexity involved in the administration of the investor activity and roster. As part of our goal of lifting the burden from your shoulders and minimizing distractions, our administrative services provide an independent source for your investors to contact for their needs. We support:

  • Changes of contact information
  • Co-signer services for fund checking accounts
  • Investor redemptions
  • Investor subscriptions
  • Investor transfers
  • Maintenance of investor rosters


Rather than following other administrators’ one-size-fits-all approach, FGMK’s platform allows for the ability to custom design your fund’s statement with the message you, the fund manager, want to convey. Starting with your logo, commentary and full-color graphs, you have the ability to brand your organization and deliver your message just as you want it heard. In addition, we can create a number of reports and schedules that provide depth to the fund’s activities beyond just results, including:

  • Audit schedules
  • Investor account statements
  • Performance attribution reports
  • Performance capsules
  • Risk analysis
  • Sector performance reports

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