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employee benefit consultants

Employee Benefit Plan Consulting

Provided by FGMK Financial Services, LLC

Our team of professionals provide a range of retirement plan services and are well versed in the most recent laws and regulations affecting employee benefit plans. This allows us to identify potential problems and offer creative solutions.

FGMK Financial Services provide a full range of retirement plan administration, record keeping and consulting services. We provide comprehensive services in the development and maintenance of qualified retirement plans.

Our expertise encompasses all aspects of qualified retirement plans. Our services include the following:

  • Plan design and document services
  • Cost analysis for new and existing plans
  • Implementation of new plans
  • Calculation and allocation of employer contribution
  • Recurring design review
  • Actuarial consulting and certification
  • Participant enrollment services (no investment advisement)
  • Compliance testing
  • Government tax return and forms
  • Plan termination services
  • Assistance in defending IRS/DOL audits

Michael J. Razny


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FGMK is committed to providing our clients with the highest quality employee benefit plan consulting.

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