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management consulting

Management Consulting

When organizations need to tackle a specific operational problem, an underperforming business, a major industry change or high-stakes investments and initiatives, they engage FGMK.

In many instances these challenges may require skills and expertise outside the organization’s core skills, or the stakes are high enough that the management requires the perspective of an objective, experienced outsider.

The first step we take in a typical management consulting engagement is a thorough business assessment, which includes interviews with stakeholders and a review of financial and operational information. From there we co-develop and evaluate alternatives with you. Once you choose a course of action, FGMK assists in developing and implementing specific improvement plans.

Effective management consulting quickly identifies the root causes of issues, finds levers for improvement, focuses on the actions that will deliver the greatest impact and develops execution plans that consider risk and the organization’s capacity to execute. The “right” answer is unique in each situation and could be focused on organic growth initiatives, acquisitions, process streamlining, organizational restructuring and alignment, selective deployment of IT tools or other actions.

FGMK delivers management consulting services to Fortune 100 companies and mid-market entities alike. We are focused on generating actionable plans and measurable results. Our professionals are uniquely able to deliver practical solutions based on deep industry and functional experience combined with the required analytical rigor.

Christopher A. Shoup


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We provide a wide range of offerings to address the challenges at each stage of a major strategic or operational initiative. Our services include:

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  • Communication and training
  • Organizational effectiveness and redesign
  • Post-merger integration
  • Program management


  • Business case development
  • ERP Optimization
  • Gap analysis
  • Vendor evaluation


  • Best practice benchmarking
  • Business process redesign
  • Performance measurement
  • Program management
  • Supply chain management
  • Sales effectiveness


  • Acquisition screening (business fit)
  • Brand and product strategy
  • Business portfolio assessment (keep/fix/sell)
  • Competitor assessment
  • Industry forecasting

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