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Listen to FGMK’s Webinar: Mergers and Acquisitions, Important Tax Tricks, Traps, and Strategies to Ponder

Posted on : October 25, 2019 | 2:18 pm

FGMK cordially invites you to attend our upcoming webinar focusing on the acquisition and sale of business interests. The webinar is scheduled for November 5th at 10 AM Central Time. FGMK's practice leads and subject matter experts Chuck Schultz, Dan Laughlin, and Carolyn Puzella will provide insight and guidance on the tax considerations needed to formulate a compliant and well-planned acquisition process.   Proper tax planning and compliance are indispensable factors since they impact the economic value of the Target entity. The cleaner the Target and the underlying transaction, the greater the benefit for both the Acquirer and the Target   Please note that this webinar will be of particular importance to those business owners and advisers who may be contemplating a future sale of their business interest. The topics to be discussed include, but are not limited to, the following:   Tax planning and compliance for Acquirers
  • Stock versus asset sale and the possible Secs. 336(e) and 338(h)(10) elections
  • Basis allocation with specific attention to intangible assets and goodwill
  • Avoidance of Sec. 382 NOL limitation and anti-churning rules
  • Protection of S-corporation status
  Tax planning and compliance for Targets
  • Rollover equity planning
  • Sec. 1202 capital gain exclusion planning
  • Executive compensation planning and avoidance of the golden parachute rules
  Overview of the tax due diligence process
  • State and local tax compliance
  • Key domestic and international compliance issues of note
  At the conclusion of this webinar, you will come away with a better understanding of the tax Mergers & Acquisitions process and how proper tax planning is a key element to protect the economic benefits of the transaction.

Note: There will be 60 minutes of CPE credit available for those who participate in the live webinar.

The summary information discussed in this webinar is being provided for education purposes only. Participants may not rely on this summary other than for the purpose intended, and the contents should not be construed as accounting, tax, investment, or legal advice. We encourage webinar participants to contact the presenters for any inquiries regarding the contents. FGMK (and its related entities and partners) shall not be responsible for any loss incurred by any person that relies on this presentation.

  About FGMK

FGMK is a leading professional services firm providing assurance, tax and advisory services to privately held businesses, global public companies, entrepreneurs, high-net-worth individuals and not-for-profit organizations. FGMK is among the largest accounting firms in Chicago and one of the top ranked accounting firms in the United States. For 50 years, FGMK has recommended strategies that give our clients a competitive edge. Our value proposition is to offer clients a hands-on operating model, with our most senior professionals actively involved in client service delivery.

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