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Listen to our Webinar on the Impact of Tax Cuts and the Jobs Act on Compensation and Benefit Plans

Posted on : April 25, 2018 | 8:18 am

With recent changes to the tax law, compensation and benefits planning has been brought to the forefront for many taxpayers. In response to this important issue, FGMK’s compensation and benefits consultants, Don Nemerov and Mike Razny, and tax partner, Chuck Schultz, offer their insight and guidance regarding these issues, with particular focus on the impact that the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has on these practice areas.

This Webinar will be of particular interest to executives and business owners operating an S Corporation, a limited liability company or a public/private C Corporation, as well as to tax practitioners who provide guidance for them.

The webinar will address the following topics:

  • Stock-based compensation and deferred compensation

    • Repeal of the 162(m) performance-based exception

    • Changes to withholding rates and AMT calculation

  • 1061(a) and profits interests

  • Sec 199A potential impact to compensation and benefits planning

    • Review of proper W-2 compensation strategies

    • Planning considerations for retirement plan contributions

  • Important tax planning opportunities related to IRA elections

  • Missed opportunities within 401(k) plan document elections

  • Optimization of Safe Harbor plan designs

  • Defined benefit plan opportunities for small businesses

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The contents of this webinar are intended for educational purposes only.  Although there will be a general discussion of tax law and its application, your individual facts and situations may vary from those discussed.  As such, the contents of the webinar should not be considered as tax or any other advice, and we strongly encourage you to contact your tax advisor with respect to your specific facts.